If your can makes that noise or smells like that, throw it away!

Canned or vacuum-packed, it is possible to quickly know if bacteria have appeared and whether it is better, in this case, to throw away the food to avoid getting sick.

O botulism it is a rare neurological toxicity who can it be mortal in the most serious cases. It is caused by a toxin produced by bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This toxin can develop in poorly sterilized foods, vacuum packed and canned, mainly of artisanal or “homemade” origin. You can also be poisoned by industrial canned goods, but it is much rarer. As a preventive measure, remember that you should not consume canned or vacuum-packed foods that have any of the following characteristics:

1. A suspicious smell

When you open your can or jar, pay attention to the smell. “Cans that give off a suspicious odor when opened should not be consumed” remember himConsidered. In Bordeaux, the restaurant owner, having carried out canned sardines contaminated with toxin responsible for botulism, in September, indicated to the daily South-west that upon opening some had to be thrown away due to “strong smell”. However, be careful, it may happen that the can becomes contaminated without giving off bad odors. In this case, look for the following signs.

2. Rust on the edges of the can

The packaging of the vacuum-packed or canned product must be checked before consuming the food it contains. If you observe defects, rust or damaged parts, don’t eat the food.

3. A domed lid

This is unacceptable: If the lid of the can or package is protrudingwe throw it away: something has developed inside, even if visually, the product is beautiful” warns Stéphanie Chevalier Lopez. elected France’s best worker in food safety, in Huffington Post.

4. And “pssshhh” at the opening

Another sign that your can or jar may be contaminated with botulism is the sound you hear when you open it. “Bacterial growth within a container causes gasification. If, when opening a can or jar, you hear a “pssshhht”the contents must be thrown away” warns Stéphanie Chevalier Lopez. The expert advises consume opened products quickly, within 3 days of opening from the can or jar. She also remembers check the temperature of the refrigeratorwhich must be between 0 and 4 degrees” to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. If in doubt, throw away the can and do not consume the food it contains.

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